List of my favorite animes and mangas


20th Century Boys

A long story about a childhood friends group, their symbols and it's relationship to "Friend", a cult leader that wants to take over the world with his "Friendship Party".

21th Century Boys

Continuation of 20th Century Boys

Death Note

A magical notebook falls into the word dropped by a shinigami, if a person has their name written on it they die, the protagonist Raito Yagami decides to use the notebook to start killing criminals with the objective of creating an utopia with himself as god.

Master Keaton

An an ex-military anthropology teacher and insurance investigator investigating insurance claims.


A teenager solves a puzzle that gives him the spirit of an Old Pharaoh claimed to never lose any game.


Dragon Ball

Maybe weird to put in here alongside these others, but Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and even Dragon Ball GT were big parts of my childhood and the first media I remember obsessing about. The anime tells a story of a kid with a monkey tail that is super strong and helps a very rich and smart woman track the Dragon Balls, magical artifacts that by uniting 7 of it grants you a wish.

Dragon Ball Z

Continuation of Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball GT

Continuation of Dragon Ball Z that I didn't like as much, but it was/still is very special for me.
We don't talk about Super

Fugou Keiji Balance Unlimited

One of the few media on the comedy genre to genuinely make me laugh. In the story there are two cops, one is broken but idealistic while the other is insanely rich and pragmatic, both have to work together to solve cases.

Serial Experiments Lain

It explores a lot of themes, including but not limited to reality and identity, the protagonist is Lain, a middle schooler. I can say with certainty that this anime changed my life.
Let's all love Lain

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan

Anime about two priests who work for the Vatican investigating claims of miracles, one is a master of science and math while the other has a vast amount of theological knowledge.

Zankyou no Terror

Anime about two terrorists who upload cryptic riddles on the Internet for the police to solve and try to prevent their bombs from blowing up.