A loser trying to make being a loser look cool

I like many things on which I'm not very goodat, to varying degrees of how (un)skilled I am at each with honorary mentions to programming, music and writing. I like to play chess, I don't know much theory and solve puzzles more than I actually play, I mostly play on Lichess and almost never played over the board. I enjoy playing an acoustic guitar, but it broke and I can't afford to fix it, let alone buy a new one, so RIP to that. When it still worked, I enjoyed improvising and making up songs, two of which I have posted at the projects page, and hopefully someday will be able to post more. As an avid TRPG player and (mostly) DM, I enjoy world-building and have made up at this point several worlds for people to play at, from medieval fantasy to cyberpunk distopia, my favorite system is Cyberpunk 2020, but I mostly play on a homebrew system

I'm also a volunteer and freelancer translator, I can speak and translate into/from Spanish, Portuguese and English.

If you wish to contact me:

Matrix: @workingsea:matrix.org

Email: workingsea@disroot.org

PGP Key if you need